1. workinghere1

    poor kid! the world is just not real for him D:

  2. terribleapartment

    wow, thanks. I did this years ago. and one of my first projects using this kind of medium. I always figured it wasn’t tom waits who wrote it, though i loved his reading of it, I never figured out who had penned it. And not only am i glad to have found out it also sounds like another very interesting artist to look into. Thanks so much for the info!

    and the totally necessary history lesson.


  3. John Gillooley

    Beautiful. Great Job

  4. Pagantongue

    This is just beautiful.
    Love Tom

  5. soulcoughing

    ha ha, hey thanks! But I wouldnt want to waste anyones time though either. poor girl. sorry sweetheart. You are a delicate flower.

  6. clistere2

    great work
    a lovely video :)

  7. ilovetransboysxx

    This is beautiful. I loved it.
    thank you ♥

  8. dogstand

    Hmmm.. My 4 year old likes to watch this before she goes to bed :/


    There’s Tom Waits, and then there’s everybody else.
    Always wondered if he eve received that package of Lucky Tiger, half bottle of bay rum and those field and stram magazines.

  10. silverpaw31

    stunning and touching work,you made my weekend,thank you

  11. Charles Pieper

    Excellent animation! The visuals matched the Tom Waits song very well. Also, nice online name. Soul Coughing was an awesome band!

  12. TarenFox

    I think they are both great. Nice work soulcoughing would love to see more Waits videos.

  13. danielsche

    This is great!
    My kids loved it too.
    There is another video put to this song. This one is much better.

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