ok442com小鱼儿三十码-85556com小鱼儿论坛-小鱼儿玄机2站小鱼儿正版玄机-小鱼儿论坛香港挂牌Looking back to the past eventful years, SDGI presents us a picture scroll full of opportunities and challenges, strivers and contributions. SDGI people obtain the honors with their sweat and intelligence to brighten the growth road for SDGI. Years of ups and downs and hard striver nurture a famous brand in the industry.

China Top 10 optical communication enterprises with the most comprehensive competitiveness 

Title of China Top 10 optical fiber and optical cable enterprises with strongest competitiveness 

ok442com小鱼儿三十码-85556com小鱼儿论坛-小鱼儿玄机2站小鱼儿正版玄机-小鱼儿论坛香港挂牌Most influential optical fiber and optical cable enterprises in China with strongest competitiveness in past 3 decades

ok442com小鱼儿三十码-85556com小鱼儿论坛-小鱼儿玄机2站小鱼儿正版玄机-小鱼儿论坛香港挂牌Industrial brand with the greater impact in Chinese Telecom Market

ok442com小鱼儿三十码-85556com小鱼儿论坛-小鱼儿玄机2站小鱼儿正版玄机-小鱼儿论坛香港挂牌Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province 

Famous Brand Product in Guangdong Province

  • Industrial brand with the greater impact in Chinese Telecom Market
  • National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center
  • National Independent Innovative Demonstration Enterprise
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