Slick Rick Childrens Story

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| April 5th, 2014 | Posted in Make Believe |

21 Responses to “Slick Rick Childrens Story”

  1. sk8punkadio Says:

    dude, youre sister’s hot… jus’ sayin’….

  2. khristopherkmith Says:

    Great Job! Keep up the good work! Let the Haters Hate, yet I congraulate!!

  3. Ejay845 Says:

    Nice ;)

  4. 7h3k1ng Says:

    music great, video bad :D

  5. shmaps321 Says:

    haha coool that girl was bomb

  6. John Cruz Says:

    forget about the haters dudes this video is cool and burning hot sister!

  7. Ehb42021 Says:

    Sisters hot

  8. Zed8690 Says:


  9. IBACbO Says:

    lol muthafuckers

  10. conorsmells Says:

    cheers ¬.¬

  11. Dariand02 Says:

    nice sister

  12. Jouhanimou Says:

    Listen to the song and stop whining ! Yea the video is bad, ya should get a
    life while dissin’ some kids.

  13. oX313Xo Says:


  14. StevieGo0o Says:

    they are only young man, its not that bad, just them having a bit of fun

  15. mmmonet Says:

    I think that;s cool as heck for some kids to do! It’s really sick that
    folks have nothing better to do than behave like trolls and spew hatred
    everywhere there’s a comment box smdh To be real I could’ve done without
    the pic of the black cop(it looks racist as heck) BUT other than
    that…y’all did the dag thing and had fun. That’s wasup

  16. Maximillion Vladimir Says:

    This was great. I especially liked the toy car running into the tree.
    Thanks for the entertainment. You guys are great.

  17. Tosy Tosyn Says:

    go get a job/life

  18. illagitimo Says:

    WOW! ….lol nice vid guy’s it’s good to see kids appreciate the oldschool

  19. brassmaster11 Says:

    this sh-ish is WACK! i cant get jiggy w/this sh-ish!!!

  20. Brandon St. George Says:

    0:05 -.- 0:20 -.0 1:11 0.0

  21. Knowingthareal Says:

    take a chill pill man… let then have their fun

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