Slick Rick – Children’s Story (remake)

Make Believe Video Rating: 4 / 5

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| May 4th, 2014 | Posted in Make Believe |

25 Responses to “Slick Rick – Children’s Story (remake)”

  1. will DARBY Says:

    gta sa this is a good song

  2. Zac Price Says:

    damn that was pretty good. woulda been perfect if they could have used an
    actual Chevy Nova

  3. christina sweet Says:

    Good Job…..


    this is hot …great job better than the original 

  5. Proskillxzz Says:

    I though that he said “All the years if i pull this trigger” lol xDDDD

  6. marshallpaul evans Says:

    awesome , 

  7. johannes frings Says:

    reminds me of GTA sanandreas

  8. Heimsofa Says:

    Right on, guys!

  9. Brenda Johnson Says:


  10. Carlos Puentes Says:

    Nicely done!

  11. Edward La Touche King Says:

    Should be a porno edit 

  12. Seon Callender Says:

    Classic!! well done..

  13. Emmanuel Smith Says:

    This is really good definitely deserves more views

  14. Harun Ahmic Says:

    GTA :) ))))))

  15. Isan John Says:

    I like.

  16. Xavier Bechard-doyon Says:

    yeah i thought damn the video doesnt match the story when I saw the
    original one, this one is more acurrate, but still slick rick’s one is
    better, but awesome job

  17. ronpaulraps Says:

    That’s hot!

  18. ThatPIEkillS Says:

    eye patch on wrong side!!!!

  19. LiveWellLonger Says:

    Great job! The video really told the story! I totally agree with Marco
    Montes comment! keep up the great work!

  20. Carmen Falco Says:

    Much much better than the original video, which showed a completely
    different story than the lyrics!

  21. denis marušić Says:

    gw, you really did a good job,+1 like +1 subscriber:)

  22. Teone dws Says:

    g/j with the vid.

  23. deoringinalcandy Says:

    lol great job

  24. Kevstah420 Says:

    it goes back and forth lol

  25. Davin Wyatt Says:

    thank u

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